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The Well is a new condo development by Tridel , Rhapsody Property Management Services , RioCan Living , Diamondcorp and Allied Properties currently under construction at 444 Front Street West, Toronto. The development is scheduled for completion in 2023. The Well has a total of 1587 units.

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  • Project Name: The Well
  • Builders: Diamondcorp, RioCan, Allied Properties,Rhapsody Property Management Services,Tridel
  • Address: 444 Front Street West, Toronto
  • Intersection: Queen St W and Spadina Ave
  • City: Toronto
  • Architect: Hariri Pontarini Architects
  • Status: Under Construction
  • Condo Style: High Rise
  • Number of units: 1587

Imagine… A new community in the heart of Toronto – distinct, dynamic, radiating brilliant urban design. A space where everyone will be connected, where you can discover countless opportunities to engage in urban life. A one-of-a-kind neighbourhood planned for people of all ages who love Toronto. Shops, offices and residences that flow together, offering texture and fullness to everyday city living. Welcome to THE WELL, a new, open and vibrant mixed-use community in Downtown Toronto West where we can live, work, shop and play well. Spread over seven and a half acres, the contemporary neighbourhood will border Wellington, Spadina and Front Streets; it promises to capture the dreams of all who wish to enjoy the best of Toronto. About their home selections: THE WELL is creating over a million square feet of residential space that offers Torontonians a rich experience of life in our city. There will be homes to accommodate everyone’s lifestyle from single to retired to growing families. In short, what makes THE WELL so special is how it pulls together all the elements of our lives so that we can live, shop and work well, all in a new community that already has wonderful, well-established neighbours.

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